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Flea Pest Control Perth


We offer flea pest control Perth treatments for vacating rental end of lease vacates

What needs to happen prior to your end of lease flea treatment.

  • Lawns mowed short and clippings removed
  • Any animals need to be removed from vacating property at time of service
  • All carpet cleaning and mopping of floors completed 4 hours before service starts
  • Property must be fully empty prior to service  being completed
  • Client can not re-entry for 3-4 hours after completion


How to get rid of fleas in your home or business successfully will take a combined approach through a professional flea treatment, animal treatment and thorough housekeeping.  It is important to take charge of any flea infestation as soon as it is noticed.  An untreated flea infestation does not simply go away, the problem just gets bigger.

So, how to get rid of your flea problem, Lawson Environmental Pest Solutions can help. We do need you, the home owner to work with us before the flea treatment & after the flea treatment for a positive outcome. We will always use an IGA (insect growth inhibitor) in all flea treatments which assists in the total eradication of fleas in your home and garden with particular attention being paid to outdoor areas that your pets use.

 What you need to do prior to any treatment being carried out

  • Your house, yard and pets will all need to be treated on the same day.
  • Animal Flea treatments need to be effective so consulting with your vet beforehand for the best flea control for your pet.
  • Your house will need to be thoroughly vacuumed & mopped and your lawn will need to be mowed short.  All grass clippings and vacuuming will need to go directly into your outside bin.
  • All toys, clothing, footwear and any other stored items need to be removed from areas being treated.
  • All animals and clients need to leave while treatment is being carried out and only returned when treatment is dry, approx. 2-3 hours
  • All animal bedding will need to be thoroughly washed and possibly treated.
  • Move any furniture you can away from walls.
  • Cover your fish tank and turn filter off during treatment.