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What do I do if I find termites?

  • 1. Don’t panic. We understand finding termites (white ants) can be very scary, but help is always just phone call away
  • 2. Don’t disturb them. Leave them alone do not touch or break any of the mud trails or workings, you might scare them away, this may make the issue worse or make it harder to assess.
  • 3. Don’t spray with any kind house hold spray or other type on chemical, this can cause issues when we come to assess the situation.
  • 4. Contact us and we will book you in as a priority client.

How often should I have my house inspected for Termites?

  • It is strongly recommend that you should have a termite inspection carried out at least every 12 months and more regular inspections between 3 and 6 months for high risk areas, as recommended under, The Australian standard AS3660.2 for Termite inspections

How often should I have a termite treatment done?

  • It is recommended that a chemical barrier treatment is redone every 4-5 years, but this is dependent on the chemical barrier in place or baiting and monitoring system installed. Contact us for more information.

What does the Everyday Pest Control Special Treatment cover?

  • The everyday pest control special pest control treatment covers you for Spiders, Common cockroaches, Ants and Rodents.


How long does the treatment take?

  • Depending on the pest control treatment being carried out, generally we allocate between 1-2 hours for your service to be completed, we will always allocate the appropriate time so you can be rest assured the treatment will be carried out to the highest standard.


Do I need to leave the house?

  • In most cases you do not need to leave, however we advise our clients to vacate when internal spray treatments are carried out you will be advised when booking your pest control treatment.


Do I have to empty the kitchen cupboards out?

  •  No, it is no longer necessary for you to empty out your cupboards, however if you are having a major issue with say German cockroaches it may be advisable to do so prior to your pest control treatment.


All our pest control services are back by our genuine guarantee and commitment to you that all your pests will be gone or we will treat the affected area again free of charge. 

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