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Rat Mouse Rodent Control

Have you seen or heard a Rat or Mouse in or around your home or business?

If the answer is YES, then you will have not just one but serveral within your property, living in the roof, kitchen cupboards, laundry and possible under the floor if your home is an older style property.

As the weather cools and the rain starts, these pests become more evident and intrusive in our homes and business.




About Rats and Mice

Rat and Mice Control is something we do really well at Lawon Environmental Pest Solutions
In Australia, a number of rodent species are agricultural pests.

Two species,

  • the house mouse (Mus domesticus) and
  • black rat (Rattus rattus),

were introduced around the time of European settlement. House mice are found throughout agricultural cropping areas, and around sheds and houses. When conditions are favourable, their numbers can increase to plague levels. Black rats are found throughout temperate and tropical Australia in human-modified environments.

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